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CABAL Online Philippines

CABAL Online Philippines

Nationwar Rewards!!

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500,000,000 Alz

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Chaos Arena, an ancient battle revived

A few weeks after Capt. Abraxas left the home of Officer Henkoff for Fort Ruina, a shocking incident occurred in Bloody Ice. A heavily injured and emaciated man appeared in town.

“Those who dare to oppose the Evil must be stopped!” he shouted.

The townspeople were so shocked that they didn’t dare to come near him to help. By the time Officer Henkoff arrived, the unidentified person was already dead. Officer Henkoff picked up the man’s belongings—a broken GPS and a bloody leather journal—and ordered the soldiers to take the body to the memorial house. “We will give him a proper burial,” he said.

The Chief couldn’t imagine what the man did to earn those horrible wounds or grasp the meaning of his last words. He read the journal but nothing comprehensible can be found, except for the last words written in the last page:

‘I, and we are the Protectors of Perfect Legacy’
‘Five names, together one heart’
‘Those who cover the legacy by masking themselves with fear will be punished’
Giving up, he handed the journal to the scholars and asked them to analyze its content. Days passed by, until finally, the scholars were back to give their full report to Officer Henkoff.

“The man who died was Cornicus, the famous adventurer and treasure hunter. We don’t know if the journal can be trusted but this is what it says: Cornicus and his fellow adventurers found an ancient ruin which seemed to have originated from the Honorable Ages,” the scholars reported.

“When they investigated the area, they learned that the site was called the Arena, a battleground built by the Clan of the Perfect Protectors. According to our records, this clan disappeared several decades ago after stealing the Perfect Cores—cores so powerful that whoever holds them can rule the world,” they continued.

“Cornicus believed that the Clan hid the cores deep inside the five levels of the Arena. However, monsters stronger than anything that we can imagine have made their residence in the area. He left instructions on how to enter the place. Perhaps if we apply C.A. Transmutation Theory to it, we can recreate the things that he called Miracle Key,” the scholars concluded.

The news about the Perfect Cores and the arena spread throughout Nevareth. With the war raging between Procyon and Capella, both Nations are on the race to get them, believing that with the Perfect Cores, they can gain the upper hand in the war.

Will you be one of the great Force Controllers to enter the Arena? Can you survive the chaos that it breeds? Enter and find out as the gates of the Chaos Arena open on September 9, 2008!

1. In order to participate in the event, gamers must proceed to the entrance of the Chaos Arena located in Bloody Ice (Coordinates: X:10, Y:28).
2. The maximum number of players who can enter the Chaos Arena is 21 per Level. 
3. Five (5) different levels of the Chaos Arena will be opened in every channel.
4. Players enter the map according to their level.
5. Players must have the required Miracle Keys to enter the Chaos Arena.
6. Players can craft Miracle Keys using the materials found in-game. They can also purchase the Keys from the CABAL Cash Shop.

Chaos Arena Rules
1. The Chaos Arena is open for 25 minutes. Players can no longer enter the Chaos Arena 5 minutes after it opened.
2. Monsters will appear as soon as the gate of the Chaos Arena is destroyed.
3. As time goes by, higher level monsters will appear in Chaos Arena. Boss monsters will appear in the later part of the event.
4. Monsters will drop all types of Cores, including the highest type of Upgrade Cores. Boss monsters will also drop other types of items.
5. The Chaos Arena is only completed after the players have killed the boss monster.
6. Players who died inside the Chaos Arena will be teleported to Bloody Ice unless they have Odd Circle. Players can only use Odd Circle once.

Chaos Arena Schedules:
12:00AM, 4:00AM, 8:00AM, 12:00PM, 4:00PM and 8:00PM everyday.
Exclusive to Channels 3-10 of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter Servers and Channels 4-9 of Neptune Server only.


EXTENDED Server Maintenance

First batch of CABALists answer GM Amethy's call

Scheduled Server Maintenance

Charisma Pan Event